Should You Buy A Branded T-shirt Or A Custom Printed T-shirt?

Sure, a branded T-shirt is always everyone’s wish. Everyone wants a Gucci, Lacoste, Levis, Tommy, or H&M t-shirt in their wardrobe.
So have you ever wondered why the desire for a brand-name t-shirt exists for everyone? Or is that desire really necessary for you?
We will explore the benefits of branded t-shirts and custom printed t-shirts to see what truly suits you the best and makes you the happiest.
Let’s first see what we have out of branded t-shirts, below are the benefits and drawbacks of using branded t-shirts that we have gathered from researching customer opinions.

  1. Cost savings when using T-shirts.

The first benefit to mention when using a high-end t-shirt is that it helps us save money on clothes. For ordinary T-shirts with poor material, fast tearing, fast fading, you can only use it for a while and then have to buy new clothes.
But it can only be economical when you only have a few branded t-shirts and rarely wear them. If you have a hobby of following the latest fashion trends and often wear T-shirts, then surely you cannot save, because the price of branded T-shirts is not cheap.

  1. Nice design – good elasticity

Branded t-shirts are often supplied from reputable brands, so these are designed by a talented design team. In addition, high-quality T-shirts are also selected and sewn from materials that are cool, easy to sweat, and soft, elastic, and create a comfortable feeling for the wearer.
But not really a branded t-shirt will have a good design, sometimes you have to spend a few hundred dollars or even a few thousand dollars on a shirt with the words Gucci or Tommy with just your finger and it has to be close recognizable.

3. Feel more confident and respected

Most people when buying a Gucci T-shirt want a shirt of a famous brand in the fashion world, helping the wearer feel more confident and want people to respect them more. Some studies show that the T-shirt wearers of famous brands feel more confident and respected, even though no one respects you more for a T-shirt. Real respect comes from the person who wears the shirt, not from a branded fabric. A selfish person, even wearing a Gucci shirt is still a selfish person.

4. Not ruffled, stretched after each wash

Besides, when choosing to buy T-shirts, users are attracted to the design and color of the shirt, but also depend on the quality of the fabric for the shirt. The prerequisite is that when the T-shirt is bought, it will not shed feathers and fade with each wash. With branded T-shirts, these worries will be eliminated, you do not need to worry about stretching the shirt when machine washing and soaking in fabric softener, …
In addition, one benefit when using a high-quality t-shirt that cannot be ignored is that with high-quality t-shirts, you will retain the inherent beauty of the shirt, especially in the collar. The collar is the most easily stretched point, causing the T-shirt to lose its inherent beauty after a few faces, so when using a high-quality T-shirt also helps you to improve this problem. High-quality T-shirts are selected with the most reliable sewing methods to help the collar not to break, stretch or lose form, helping you to be confident with your T-shirt.

How about custom printed t-shirt, why is it so popular? Here is the answer:

  1. It is very cheap and suitable for many people

Custom printed t-shirts are a very good choice of a casual outfit. T-shirts are a comfortable uniform to wear every day. They are typically short sleeves and soft cotton and can be made in different sizes to suit people of different sizes. Furthermore, at we sell high-quality stretch t-shirts as well as well-known brands, our main job is to choose the best raw material then print and sell. We spend less money promoting our brands and don’t hold fashion events as Gucci does.
So when choosing a custom printed t-shirt you still have many unique shirts at the same time and save money.

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  1. Incredibly good quality.

T-shirts from are always made of the finest materials with excellent print quality. In addition, our T-shirts are also selected and sewn from materials that are cool, easy to sweat, and have a soft, elastic texture that creates a comfortable feeling for the wearer. You will probably utter unbelievable! A custom-made and trendy printing product has such a good quality.
Along with the most modern printing technology, it will keep the artistic quality through many washing times, and never fade.

  1. Not ruffled, stretched after each wash

T-shirt when bought, does not shed hair, does not fade with each wash. You do not need to worry about stretching your clothes when machine washing and soaking in fabric softener.
In addition to that, the one thing we are most proud of is the collar. The collar is the most likely to stretch, causing the t-shirt to lose its inherent beauty after a few wears. Our t-shirts use the surest sewing methods to keep the collar from breaking, stretching or losing form over multiple wear.

  1. Demonstrating personality and personal opinion

With a branded shirt, you cannot print your slogan on it, and seeing someone wearing the same shirt on the street is inevitable.
But with a custom printed shirt, you can freely express your personal opinion through your favorite slogans or iconic images. It makes you look very special and stylish when you walk on the street. What no branded shirt can do for you.

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  1. Show solidarity

In today’s world, people are united with symbols and symbols and consciously united to be part of something bigger than themselves.

Custom-made t-shirts can easily instill a sense of solidarity in your company team, team spirit, and the will to work harder. A team means always united and work together to overcome the toughest hurdles placed in front of them.

When every employee wears the same custom t-shirt, it creates a sense of unity that they are working together to achieve a common goal instead of focusing on individual achievement.

Promoting teamwork can be an important part of any business and why not through your custom t-shirts

The last word
It can be said that the benefits of the custom-printed t-shirt outweigh the limitations and even better than what the brand-name t-shirt can do for you. But if you still love a more branded T-shirt then just buy it for yourself.

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