NBA Basketball Face Mask

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NBA Once Again Had To Postpone

The American Basketball Tournament (NBA) 2019/2020 once again had to postpone. (Updated August 27, 2020).

The American professional basketball tournament 2019/2020 faces the risk of disintegration: The Playoffs series have been postponed after the teams’ decision to “strike” because the US police shot a colored man.
The American Basketball Tournament (NBA) 2019/2020 once again had to postpone unexpectedly after tense situations from outside Orlando.
The players gathered in Orlando to compete to convey messages calling for peace and opposing racism in America. However, the police shot 7 consecutive times in the back of Jacob Blake, a young man in front of his three children in the city of Kenosha, Wisconsin, causing many NBA players to anger.
On the morning of August 27, the Milwaukee Bucks was the first team to decide not to play in the game 5 series of Playoffs with Orlando Magic. The Milwaukee Bucks’ decision to “boycott” the competition has resulted in a series of domino effects.

The following match, both the Houston Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder said they would not participate, and it was the same with the Los Angeles Lakers and the Portland Trail Blazers. Lakers star LeBron James, who is the most vocal at the moment in the NBA also posted a tweet expressing his personal opinion: “Damn, we need a change. Tired of it. The distinction is like this “.
Many expressed very dissatisfaction and also questioned why the deaths of Breonna Taylor in March and George Floyd in May have not been soothed. Yesterday the police shot Jacob Blake in front of his children. What the hell is going on? How do we have true equality?
This once again gave rise to the Black Lives Matter movement that has been complicated in the US since the beginning of the year. This event continues to spark protests in Wisconsin and is spreading to other departments. The scale is not yet clear, but it seems that people will not stop until someone gives a clear explanation about this, and what the authorities will do to ensure fairness for blacks.

NBA Basketball Face Mask
NBA Basketball Face Mask

NBA’s response

Before the tense situation above, the NBA has issued a temporary cancellation notice of 3 matches in today’s schedule and has not set a time to return. In addition to the NBA matches, the 3 WNBA season matches have been postponed for the same reason.
Tensions in the US over racism have been simmering in recent months since the deaths of Breonna Taylor in March and George Floyd in May. Before the season was followed by more than a four-month hiatus for Covid-19, the colored rallies for equal rights included a number of NBA players.

In order to continue the season, the organizers have taken measures such as printing the message “Black Lives Matter” on the field and changing the words on the back of the players’ shirts to help spread more about the above movement of NBA.
At the present time, the above decision shows that the NBA players are extremely angry and convey the message that they are not satisfied when the police have committed acts of violence against people of color like this in America. When it is not possible to participate in peaceful outside rallies, this is a form of struggle and express the dissatisfaction of the players on this issue.

Currently, the tournament is having an emergency meeting right inside the Walt Disney World quarantine area, the future of the season is still a difficult question to solve when the Lakers and Clippers have voted blank to continue completing the part. rest of the season.

According to information from the organizers of the tournament, another meeting for the players will be held tomorrow. In parallel, a dedicated meeting for the council and NBA executive members will be held at 22:00 tonight.


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