Michael Jordan Face Mask

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  • Reusable & Machine Washable many times
  • Suitable for all skin types and One size fits all.
  • Preventing dust and smoke also.
  • Lightweight & ultra-breathable two-layer protective face mask with black soft-stretch ear straps
    – The inside layer consists of soft & moisture-wicking nylon spandex
    – The outer layer consists of antimicrobial micro-knit polyester

Michael Jordan Face Mask

Michael Jordan whose full name is Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born February 17, 1963) is a retired American professional basketball player. He is regarded as one of the greatest basketball players of all time, one of the greatest impressions in the sports community of his time and the man who made basketball so popular. The NBA went worldwide in the 1980s and 1990s.
After a successful season at the University of North Carolina, Michael Jordan was known as a potential player for first place in the NBA roster in 1984. It didn’t take long, the Chicago Bulls chose. choose him and the rest is history. Jordan and Chicago Bulls won six championship titles during his time there.

After 7 years playing for the Bulls, Michael Jordan won his first championship title in 1991, and he and his teammates won two more championship titles over the next two years thereby establishing a “treble” record. three “history for the first time. Not only that, but he and Chicago Bulls had also three more consecutive championships in the years 1996 – 1997 -1998, thereby establishing a record of the club has twice won the treble. So far, no club in NBA history has been able to break this title.
Michael Jordan announced his retirement for the first time in 1995 after the death of his father, James Jordan. However, Jordan returned in 1996 and then won the championship at the end of the season, the next two years, he and the team from Chicago had two more championships.

Michael Jordan Face Mask

Michael Jordan And Nike Air

The 1995-1996 season was also the Chicago Bulls’ record season as the club achieved 72-10 in the NBA regular season.
In addition to the long-standing achievements in the player’s life, the Jordan basketball shoe brand is also known as an immortal symbol in the shoe-playing community around the world. Nike signed Michael Jordan for the first time in 1985 (a year after Jordan played for the Chicago Bulls).

Up to now, the Jordan shoe brand has been and remains the biggest and most profitable brand name for the American sports group – Nike.


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