Jordan Face Mask

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  • Washable & machine Reusable many times
  • Suitable for all skin types and One size fits all.
  • Preventing dust and smoke also.
  • Lightweight & ultra-breathable two-layer protective face mask with black soft-stretch ear straps
    – The inside layer consists of soft & moisture-wicking nylon spandex
    – The outer layer consists of antimicrobial micro-knit polyester

Jordan Face Mask

It has been said that gambling was the reason why the Jordan basketball legend had to retire from the ring, but it has become clear that his father’s death was the reason why the Chicago Bulls star left. away from this sport.
On July 23, 1993, Jordan’s world changed forever after his father suddenly disappeared. For a long time after that, Jordan and her mother, Mrs. Deloris, did not hear from James.
“I gave up all my work when my mom said she couldn’t contact my dad,” Jordan told The Last Dance. “He drove down to Wilmington to visit an old friend, stayed there for a few days, and drove back home. My mother kept in touch with him during that time. ”
That evening, Mr. James Jordan Snr, after attending a funeral in Wilmington, he drove back to attend a charity golf event for his son. Due to the relatively long distance, he decided to head over to the side of the road to take a nap. The tragedy occurred when he was robbed and shot to death by two 18-year-olds before his body was found 10 days later in a creek near the North and South Carolina border. The two perpetrators later fell under the law and were sentenced to life in prison.

Jordan Face Mask
Jordan Face Mask

Jordan & Baseball

Not yet heartbroken before the tragedy, Jordan suffered another shock when the media made the conspiracy theory that Mr. James’s death was the result of his son’s gambling habits.
“That hurt me. Everyone pointed their noses at me. It’s not from people I love, people who know me, and people who care. Those are the people who envied seeing me as the best, ”Jordan said.
Mr. James Jordan has a strong love for baseball. After his father passed away, Jordan decided to fulfill his wish to see his son play baseball. He retired from the basketball court to play baseball for a season before returning to the NBA at the end of the 1994-1995 season to further strengthen his legendary status.


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