Black Lives Matter Face Mask

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  • Reusable & Machine Washable many times
  • Suitable for all skin types and One size fits all.
  • Preventing dust and smoke also.
  • Lightweight & ultra-breathable two-layer protective face mask with black soft-stretch ear straps
    – The inside layer consists of soft & moisture-wicking nylon spandex
    – The outer layer consists of antimicrobial micro-knit polyester

Black Lives Matter Face Mask

Black Lives Matter roughly meaning: the life of people of color matters. This has caused many extremists to believe that other races are neglected in this campaign. However, it is easy to see that it does not refer solely to people of color. All races are equal. This is also what former US President Barack Obama made clear in his post.

Celebrating talented people of color is our way to say that: People are equal in society. Prejudice difficulties always follow people of color, but they never give up. Whatever your skin color, anyone who makes an effort deserves to be honored.
Without waiting for the Black Lives Matter-wave to shake the world media, many talented black people appeared on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam. It can be mentioned that Beyoncé, Rihanna, Naomi Campbell, Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, The Weeknd … These are prominent and influential faces in their field.

Black Lives Matter Face Mask
Black Lives Matter Face Mask
Black Lives Matter and Talented Black People

If there is one thing in common between these people, it is “They are colored people and they are beautiful in their own way”, as British singer Stefflon Don said.
It is difficult to wrap the story of talented people of color in just a few words. Because they don’t have just one, two, but a lot.

It’s Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Anok Yai… in fashion. It’s Beyoncé, Whitney Houston, Lizzo … of the music industry. Rihanna, the first black star, became a creative director for luxury brands at LVMH Group when founding Fenty brand. Or Former US First Lady, Michelle Obama, who inspires young people.

Michelle Obama and Rihanna are among the earliest and most effective actors in the “whirlwind of skin” Black Lives Matter. But let’s take a corner to see them as people of color who have made a big contribution to their field.

Michelle Obama is not just the Former First Lady of America. She also constantly inspires living and working for young people. The stories and contemplations that she shares, whether on social networks, through lectures, or in the best-seller Michelle Quality, are enjoyed by many people.

After the great success of the song “ Umbrella ”, people not only mentioned Rihanna with her seductive beauty but also her powerful voice. Overcome, the Barbados female singer tried her hand in the beauty field with Fenty Beauty. Then came the fashion field with its own lingerie brand Savage x Fenty, and luxury fashion brand Savage in partnership with LVMH Group.


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